The Chase

The other day I’m watching this dog in the grass go in circles trying to catch its own tail. He would stop, look back and begin again in either direction. Over and over he would try. I started to think about it some and I had this thought hit me… He’s trying to catch something that already belongs to him. Isn’t that how we treat God’s love sometimes? We try to do more or do less to seek God’s approval when in reality God’s approval was placed over you through Jesus. When God looks at you he doesn’t see what good you’ve done (Isaiah 64:6), nor what bad you’ve done, instead He see’s the finished work of Jesus and He is pleased. Why chase for God’s love when it is ours?


Romans 8:35-39


Rameses “Cheno Lyfe” Echevarria



In 1980, a woman three months pregnant leaves her homeland of Cuba and lands in the United States. Here Cheno Lyfe, born Rameses Echevarria, entered the world by way of Brooklyn. Shortly thereafter, his mother moved to Miami. At the time, Cheno’s family was heavily involved in drugs and moved around quite a bit. Dallas became home for a few years until his mother decided to call it quits on the drug game and settle permanently in Miami. A product of his drug infested environment, Cheno joined his first gang at the age of eight. He was arrested multiple times and, as the years passed, he got kicked out of several schools and had more run-ins with the law. By the age of 16, Cheno had landed in jail a total of 9 times. He went from experimenting with drugs to using regularly.

By the age of 19, Cheno Lyfe found himself in jail four more times. On July 5, 2000, while currently on a felony bond for attempted murder, Cheno Lyfe got arrested again and faced a second attempted murder charge. As he had become accustomed to doing, he prayed and promised God and his family that he would change. Knowing that the charges could carry a maximum sentence of life in prison, he felt he would never get the chance to raise the child his girlfriend had just given birth to. He pleaded with God bitterly. 21 days into the case, thinking that he would go home on his arraignment, Cheno added an armed robbery conviction to his case. Broken and with no hope in sight, Cheno decided to completely surrender his life to God. He attended Bible studies in the cell regularly and began to understand the Gospel message. He grew in his faith for 19 months and on February 20, 2002, was sentenced to five years in a state prison. In the years to follow, Cheno would discover a talent that would propel him into ministry outside of the barbed wire fence. Hip Hop was always a love of Cheno’s, but while in prison he began to write, thanks to a church microphone and a boom box. It was there that Cheno began to record.

After finishing his sentence, Cheno came back to Miami as a new man and continued his walk with God. Shortly following his release, Cheno recorded a couple of mix tapes and released his first studio album in 2009, titled HOME. Followed by a successful tour run, The Stand Out Campaign, his national tour, communicated a message of identity as Cheno preached and rapped his way into youth groups across America. After taking a break to focus on school and church ministry, Cheno released a free album, Falling Up, in 2013:

On July 23, 2013, Cheno released his sophomore album Lunar, which peaked at #48 on the Billboard Gospel charts.

Cheno currently serves as Associate Youth Pastor at Trinity Church in Miami. He is close to graduating from School of Urban Missions Bible College and Theological Seminary with a Bachelors in Biblical / Pastoral Studies. Cheno is married to Lydia Echevarria and is father to Jadel, Rameses Jr., and Levi.



In the #IAMLUNAR Video Series, D Maub (album out now “The Missing Peace”) explains what it means to be Lunar.


Chris Chicago

Dre Murray, The BREAX, JR



In the #IAMLUNAR Video Series,SOCIAL CLUB, THI’SL, and JSON explains what it means to be Lunar.

Cheno Lyfe – Cobang

Song: Cobang ft. juanlove, K-Nuff, Butta P., Anthony Rose
Artist: Cheno Lyfe
Album: Lunar

Real feat. Giel

Real Ft. Giel (@GielMusic) is a featured video off the album Lunar by Cheno Lyfe. Lunar is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon MP3 and all major online retail stores.



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